Shaving Subscription Boxes

With the pandemic of COVID-19 looming over our heads it’s practically impossible, not to mention stupid, to go out of our houses. This has led most of us to take our grooming into our own hands.

Due to the subscription boxes available the problem is nearly solved. We now don’t need to spend a fortune on supplies or get ourselves and others in danger by going to the barber.

So, let’s discuss some of the best Shaving Subscription boxes for men:



It won’t be a giant leap if I said it today that Corner Stone is considered as the ultimate shaving subscription box for men. With over 250k collective subscriptions over the UK it has secured and earned its spot as #1 in UK.

You can choose a one-time or subscription plan and you also get to choose what items would you like to have in your package. You will receive the items you ordered at your door.

Cornerstone gives all its new customers a free personalized razor handle with your initials on it. The products are of the highest quality and make shaving effortless. Above all they are all produced in UK.

While you are deciding on what to order in your box you might also want to check out some others available items like:

  • Shave Cream and Gel
  • Hair care products
  • Body and Face care essentials
  • Sexual Health products
  • Toothbrush and oral care products

Cornerstone is a full package for men. You won’t have a better option.


Personal Barber

If for some reason you weren’t appealed by cornerstone or it just isn’t to your liking you might want to check out this one called Personal Barber. Personal Barber is much more versatile as it brings its products from all around the world rather than just the UK.

The personal Barber has made a name for its single blade safety razors. These razors are perfect for beginners and experts. The razors cause no irritation. You will also be given instructions on how to shave.


Other Great Monthly Shaving Subscription:

Here are a few other shaving top subscription boxes are definitely worth a shoutout.


Dollar Shave Club: One of the best options around here in terms of price and cost. You can also get discounts at the start by using coupon codes.


Harry’s: Harry’s is a well-known brand for its German engineered razors alongside its impressive product of face and skin care. This is quite a lot more affordable.


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Some Alternatives to the Cosmetic Surgery

More and more people are looking for cosmetic surgery as a quick solution to any problem they find themselves in, which can be a risky and expensive business. It is increasingly wise to look for some alternative to cosmetic surgery.

We’re not going to preach to you about health issues related to liposuction or collagen implants, but rather help you explore cheaper (and less painful!). Below are some alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Face Exercise

Eva Fraser, who invented facial work, puts the inevitable symptoms of aging by sagging and relaxing the facial muscles that hold the skin. As the muscles age and lengthen, your cheeks flatter and your jaws enlarge. It looks bad, but not all is lost! Rather than going under the knife, you can save your neck (and bank balance) by doing regular facial exercises. As with any muscle, those on the face will also benefit from regular exercise.

Choose some tips from Eva’s website, where you can find some tutorials to go.

You can order her Facebook workout book from her website at £8.99. Don’t forget to check out his book selection on Amazon, where many of his best-selling books may be under.

Although he does not approve of anti-aging moisturizing creams, he recommends ‘Brownish Forehead & Eyes’ face patches to help soften wrinkles and lines. You can buy a 5 month delivery from Eva’s website for £ 19 or, if you want to save a little more, head to Philippine, where you can buy P&P 35 for £16.35.

‘FROWNIES under the eye patches’ are available to reduce swelling and dark circles, which are available from Feel Unique at £29.35. There are ‘eyes and mouth tips’ to soothe the crows ’legs and stripes around your mouth for £16.35.

Other face options

Renowned dietitian and fitness expert Rosemary Conley recommends this Facial Flex Ultra. Don’t let the look put you off – this is actually a device designed to stretch and flex the muscles around your mouth. It helps to reduce jaw lines and double cheeks by toning the muscles. It should only be used for two minutes every day and you can see results within four to six weeks. You can download it from his website available for £46.99.

For more facial exercises check out Carole MAGIO’s FACERIZE website ‘Natural Facelift’. Her online classes are priced at $ 250, but if you go to Amazon, you can find the full volume of her books in the ‘Used’ section. You can order a copy of Ultimate Forsyth for over £ 8 with free delivery.

He also offers ways to reduce your cellulite with No LIPO, a Knuckle Massage and LOOFAH Therapy to make your legs firm and toned and improve your circulation LIPO. You can pack the entire package (DVD, Sisal LOOFA Mid with Strap, and Growing E Oil) for £56.07 or DVD at £24.90.

Body Wraps

One of the things we found in our search was body wraps. They come in a variety of forms: some simply exfoliate the skin, while others, like the Universal Contour wrap, activate ‘temporary inch loss’ from different parts of the body. The treatment is coated in a hot mineral-clay solution and then covered with elastic bandages. Wait an hour while all the toxins in your body are expelled.

The treatments are very expensive for£60 each, especially if you are advised to have three courses. Many salons, including The New Image and Universal Contour Wrap, have a 6-inch guarantee on salon treatments, so they will refund your money if you follow all their instructions and do not lose any more inches.

Alternatively, you can try yourself at a slightly cheaper home for £49.95. If your money does not work, there is no guarantee of a refund! Similar wraps are the Shape Changers detox wrap, which works the same way and costs slightly less than 39.95. Always remember that there is no miracle solution to reduce your body weight! Margin wraps may help redefine your shape, but they are not a way to lose weight or lose body fat.


Instead of going straight to the dummy duck or liposuction, why not start exercising? Even a one-year subscription to join a gym (around £ 600 – £ 700) is just part of the price of a belly duck. The latter can be anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000. If you want to see if the gym is for you, why not take advantage of the free day pass offered by many. By exercising, you can lose weight and tone your muscles at the same time.

Of course, you do not need a gym to do this. Running 20 minutes on the treadmill is no different than running 20 minutes around your local park. But, if you want to do swimming, sauna and steam after your workout, it may be a slightly more attractive option.

If all you want to do is lose weight, talk to someone in the gym about the exercises you need to do to burn fat and combine your regular exercise routine with a healthy diet.

Eating healthy will not be expensive. Although following a fast-paced diet may give you immediate results, if you lose weight quickly, you are more likely to put it all back together once you stop eating. Stick to small, uniform areas instead.

Instant Facility under a Tenner

If you have done something now, why not shape your eyebrows? Having perfectly trimmed eyebrows can take years from your face because precisely defining the curves of your eyebrows can help define other areas of your face. You can choose between waxing, threatening and plucking. With prices as low as 8 in London, you can take many years off for the price of a cinema ticket!

Make-up and Moisturizers

One of the most common causes of bad skin is constant exposure to sunlight without protection. We all know that Britain is cold, but if you are not blessed with natural olive or brown skin, too much exposure to the sun can severely damage your skin. This can take many years for your appearance.

To benefit your health, use a moisturizing cream with at least 15 SPF daily. Remember there is no such thing as a miracle cream! Paying for contradictions is not going to make this more effective. Alternatives to cosmetic surgery

However, we recommend looking at the Boots website to find some moisturizing lotions such as the Botanical Hole-Perfecting SPF15 Lotion for only £4.59, or the Neutrogena Daily SPF 25 Moisturizer 65 for £7.65. You can attach the foundation with a little sun protection – check out this Maybelline New York Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 18 for £9.99.

These are no substitute for sunscreen. If you plan to spend more time in the sun, make sure you have a bottle of real stuff with you.

If you are still bronze, make sure you avoid sun beds as they give off many more harmful UV rays than the Mediterranean sun in the afternoon. We recommend looking at the GARNIER AMBRE SOLAIRE Bronzer 50ml at £9.55. If you want to gradually create a glowing look, try GARNIER’s Summer Body Moisturizer 250ml fat £5.10 from Feel Unique.

Control Clothing

Dressing according to your body shape can make a big difference in the way you look. Following the latest cross of fashion is not always such a good idea. It is good to find out which shapes fit your body and which colors match your skin tone. Why not take advantage of the free personal shopper service at Debenhams, House of Fraser, Top shop or Selfridges? Alternative to cosmetic surgery

Also, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Being bad, it can also lead to back pain and poor posture. So, while you are at Debenhams, check out their free bra fitting service to make sure you are wearing the right size.

If you are after a streamlined look in a tight outfit, check out the range of control underwear available from Ultimate, Body Solutions and Spanks. They all offer various underwear, tights and body panels to help soften your look.

If you are considering a boob job (around £ 3,000), you can try the push-up bra from M&S at a cheaper price of 12. If you are considering breast reduction, check out the Minimizer Pro-2 for less than £ 16 from M&S.


Sometimes, the way someone looks makes them feel so confident and they keep to themselves. There are some things you can do to improve your posture and improve the way others see you. Alternative to cosmetic surgery

The Alexander Technique is a program that teaches people how to improve posture and movement, as well as an excellent treatment for back and neck pain. Good posture lengthens the body and makes a person look tall and elegant. Lessons should be taken in volumes 20 – 40 as the results are not immediate. Prices range from around 25 – £ 70 per session. If you want to teach yourself at home, check out The Alexander Technique Introduction Available under a Lease from Amazon.

Emma Baxter-Wright’s book, 1001 Little Ways to Look Younger, contains some tips and tricks on how to keep your skin fresh. Check out the new and used section where you can find copies for less than a pound!

Do You Want to Go Under Knowledge?

If after reading all this you are still ready for surgery, do not cut the corners. One of the best ways to find a qualified, ethical surgeon is to check your GP. They can refer you to a registered plastic surgeon. Or, if you want to find one for yourself, you can visit the BAAPS website or the General Medical Council website.

Keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is expensive. If someone thinks liposuction is too good to be true, it probably is.

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How to Make £25 an Hour Being a Virtual Assistant?

The recent corona pandemic has triggered the major changes in the present working landscape. Now most of the jobs are carried out remotely now but more of the work being outsourced as well. At the recent times hiring freelancers and independent contractors for some sort of specific jobs is much more effective and also cost-efficient rather than keeping plenty of employees on the payroll.

Did You Know About Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are basically individuals who work in a management role remotely for a company or client. They hire their administrative or creative assistance to various clients and businesses and assist them with their needs from home. This is actually a win-win situation for both of the employer as well as the employee. From a business perspective, outsourcing work to virtual assistants means that they do not have to provide VA with office space, applications and tools or any other additional benefits. There are many key benefits for virtual assistants which include the freedom to choose who they work with, and the ability to work more flexible hours, and also the ability to earn more than $ 200 a day. Plus, you can do everything from home without traveling. What do you dislike? There is actually nothing to dislike so be clever and look on these options.

What’s Involved In It?

Working as a virtual assistant involves a wide range of tasks. It mostly depends on who you work for and what they need, but it can include answering phones and sending emails, bookkeeping, business planning and anything from desktop publishing. Are there any key skills? Good. The more specialized your skills, the higher the charge. For example, if you have five years of experience in the field of marketing and have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Publisher, you may be advertised as a virtual assistant specializing in marketing and desktop publishing.

Do you need qualifications?

Although no technical training or qualifications are required to become a virtual assistant, most clients will look for background or relevant experience in secretarial or administrative work. But if you do not have it, then do not panic! For one thing, you get transferable skills from other roles, such as problem solving, teamwork and written communication skills. However, the growing demand for virtual assistants is due to the need for additional roles in social media, content management, blogging and internet marketing. In these cases, experience in a particular role is more relevant than general management experience.

What should you get?

You can actually keep the costs incredibly low to start as a virtual assistant. Even if you have some things you need, you may already have them. At the very least you need a broadband internet connection, a separate telephone connection, a computer and office stationery with all the necessary software. Additionally, when you already pay utility bills, you can get some of those taxes refunded if you work from home.

Easy Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant:

Step 1: Deploy your skills

Virtual assistants are hired for a wide variety of skills and expertise. Before you get started, decide what your personal selling points are and how you market yourself.

Here are some pointers to start your brainwashing:

1-Do you have any key skills?

2-Do you have any professional training or qualifications in a particular area?

3-Is there an area you want to learn, or do you want to focus more on?

Keep in mind that this is an industry that is constantly evolving, so you need to keep your skills and knowledge up to date as software and programs change.

Step 2: Get started

Be quick and register your business. The first thing which you need to do is to get started and to register your business with your company name. Think carefully about the name you choose because this is the first thought you have of a potential customer. Acting in your own name is a popular option.

Once your virtual assistant has chosen the name for the business, you should verify that it is not being used by anyone else. You can check this in the National Business Register. Additionally, you need to verify that your business name is not a trademark. If it does, it will cause you serious legal trouble, so it is best to find out beforehand!

Finally, you must register as a self-employed person with free HM income and customs, but if you do not do so within three months of working for you, you may be fined. Once you register, they will send you all the information you need about national insurance and taxes.

Business insurance and tax:

As a virtual assistant, you should consider improving your insurance policy because working from home can affect your card. The Association of Virtual Assistants contains a very useful and important article on what specific kind of insurance you actually need and why you need it.

When you first start as a virtual assistant, you do not have to pay VAT as you are allowed 5,000 to 85,000 turnover before you have to pay. However, if your tax turnover is more than 5,000 85,000, you should contact HMRC to register for VAT. This also means that you have to follow the latest changes to tax digitization with governments.

Financial and start-up costs:

Initial financing and start-up costs generally prevent immediate profits. Be prepared for this and see if you need to go into debt to start a business for more information.

Step 3: Find a job as a virtual assistant

Log in to a Virtual Assistant Agency. Getting registered with a company can be a great starting point for getting a job and finding customers. However, be careful and avoid agencies that charge you to work for them. Once you have paid them, you will be skeptical if you ever ask them. Similarly, avoid any advertising ‘get rich quick’ or ‘earn up to £ 1000 a day’. Nothing is better than being true in the job market.

One of the best websites to check out is the Association of Virtual Assistants. It is a free service and they contain useful information for virtual assistants. You can choose from two different types of members: Recognized and Standard.

Fixed membership is designed for those who support becoming a virtual assistant. Here are some useful tools. You get access to a forum where you can post your questions, social blog and other resources.

For Authorized Member Businesses. You must agree to a code of conduct and have a professional quality website and email, which will be verified. Once you have verified, you will be added to the searchable database. They will also give you access to the forum’s ‘Available Jobs’ section, which will then lead to paid work.

Advertising your VA business:

When you first set up any business, it takes hard work to get to know your services and grow customers. Our article on finding freelance customers contains some useful tips on how to advertise and find customers.

To get your initial customers, you need to know what kind of people you want to offer your VA services to. Make a list of your key skills, what you have achieved, and what you enjoy. Think about what kind of companies will need your services. Always consider that what you can offer best which helps to improve their productivity, what the benefits of your service will be to the company, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your advertising media depends on your target audience. Ask yourself:

What literature do these institutions read / use?

Where do these companies network?

What kind of media is this company most likely to interact with?

Also, creating your own website is a great way to sell yourself as a virtual assistant. A website is a useful place for you to create an online CV, display experience and approvals, and use it to improve your services. There are plenty of enough free tools. Always try to know about how to set up a website for your freelance business which is full of all the information you need to get started.

Step 4: Increase your skills and increase your fees

The Virtual assistants can actually have more chances to make more money by increasing the skills they offer. Popular ways to increase your attractiveness to prospective clients include bookkeeping, web management and copy editing. Importantly, you can offer a prospective client as much as you can, and this will increase your chances of getting a job. The beauty of being a virtual assistant and many other things you can do, and you can charge.

How Much Cash Can You Make Being a Virtual Assistant?

According to Glass door, the average annual salary of a virtual assistant is less than 30,000. In addition to this, an annual survey was conducted by the Society of Virtual Assistants which found that the average hourly rate of a VA in the UK is 27. These figures may help you with a difficult idea, but obviously it depends on the skills and experience you can bring to a character.

Always keep your eye on some important things to look for when selecting yours. First, you need to determine if you are going to be charged on a day-to-day basis or on an hourly basis. When researching your own management tasks, be careful of charging per hour as you can complete many hours of work that cannot be charged, which leaves you earning less than you could with a day rate.

However, as a self-employed person you should take into account one drawback:

Holiday pay

Sick pay

Maternity leave

Guaranteed hours

Pension contributions

Job security; and also Office stationary and other utilities were provided

You need to calculate the fact that you are missing out on these benefits at your price. Realistically, at least 25% should be included in your price to ensure that your expenses and taxes are covered. For example, if you want to charge 20 per hour, it should change to £ 25.

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Some Easy Ways to Make Money Buying Unclaimed Luggage

It sounds much strange but a reality that you can make some cash from the lost luggage. On the daily bases hundreds of thousands of the suitcases got lost from the people all over the world. These suitcases actually don’t go to the black hole or don’t disappear from this world, in fact these lost luggage make a perfect chance for you to make some cash for yourself.

The luggage that can never find their owner again usually end up somewhere. There are many type of auction houses that sells the lost or unclaimed luggage to the people at a cheaper rate. In America, the center for these type of unclaimed luggage is in Alabama. It receives almost 800,000 visitors on the annual base and it is actually one of the biggest state of tourist attraction. If you find it very difficult to reach that specific and exceptional state then don’t worry because the British version of lost or unclaimed luggage auction is the other important place to pick up your favorite stuff on very cheaper rates and you can also sell it when you find some profit in it.

Following are the steps which can help you a lot in finding the lost or unclaimed luggage:

Step One Is To Reach Auction House:

When there is a surplus of unclaimed luggage in British Airways storage, it sells cases at auction (of course, BA – and all airlines – do their utmost to reconcile with their owner before attempting to sell stray luggage.)

All those who want to make a bargain to see the lost luggage lucky have to go to the auction house, and bid for the cases that go under the hammer.

If you’re lucky, you can take items worth hundreds or thousands of pounds for very little – most suitcases sell for £ 10 to £ 75. Enthusiasts among you can sell more products than you paid for, thus making an elegant profit.

Sometimes, auction houses open suitcases and separate items. At other times, there may be a general description of what is inside – for example “men’s clothing”.

There are plenty of deals to grab, and it can be fun – many describe it as a treasure hunt.

Where to look?

London’s lost luggage hotspot is Crispy in Tooting, southwest London. British Airways (one of the largest losers in the world) sells its lost luggage. Crisp’s also handles lost luggage from Heathrow Airport.

The auction takes place every Tuesday. The most recent Monday viewing took place from 11 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. Views give you the opportunity to see which bags you want to buy.

The other important places from where you can easily find your luggage at a cheaper rate are:

1-BCVA Commercial Auctions

2-Wellers of Guildford.

3-Mulberry Bank Auctions

Since most of the above auction houses do not allocate airport auctions you can check with their website the next scheduled date for delivery of luggage. You need to sign up for their mailing lists, let them know when they are going to happen, or follow private homes on social media.

Step Two Is To Evaluate:

After looking at the auction collection, go home and think about the prices of individual items to see how much profit you can make in a particular endeavor. It is difficult to say whether the cases are sold closed, but the case is more likely to contain valuable items.

A great way to get an idea of ​​how much the cases will sell for themselves is to look for similar items already listed on eBay. You can also see the recommended retail price of the cases by looking online.

Once you know how valuable the case is, you can set your bidding limit. The only gamble is how much of a case you are willing to bid on. If there are a lot of other things in the case, it may be out of your control. Of course, it can be full of junk.

If you find an auction house that allows you to see the cases before bidding, you have a better chance of negotiating a deal. If the auction house gives you an explanation of what is inside the case, even if it is brief.

Step Three Is To Find Worth Items Or Cases:

There are two options for bidding. Auctioneers have the opportunity to first take the most valuable items from the suitcases and sell them separately. This may include electronics, shoes and jewelry. You can auction these off and sell them later.

Alternatively, you can bid on suitcases and trust that some of them contain nice clothes, shoes, books, etc. This is a lottery bit. Auctioneers only give clear details of what is in each suitcase, so you never know what you are buying.

Auctioneers tell you whether the clothes are clean or not. Whether or not you are happy with someone else’s bad knickers is yours. Of course you can also sell suitcases and make some money out of it.

Step Four Is To Make a Bargain And Sell It On:

Once you have successfully bid for the unclaimed goods, take them home and start your online sales to make money. Take some photos, write some good advertising copy, then post it on eBay and wait until the auction starts.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Actually all the lost and unclaimed items are sell by the auctions on a very cheaper rate. A snow 500 snowboard recently sold for £ 75, for example. Suitcases can sell for 5 to 50. Even if the case is just full of clothes, you can sell all of the items stored in the case for almost the double price. Mean if you got a certain case of 10 dollars then you can sell it at the price of 20 dollars with ease. So don’t wait and always look out for all the options to get your choice at a very cheaper rate.


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I’m A Virgin Money London Marathon Reject

Around six months ago I entered the Virgin Money London Marathon Ballot. It was easy to do but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been quaking in my running shoes since – you see, when I applied I couldn’t even run a kilometer.

What’s the you say? ‘You’re a dreamer and a mentalist?’ – yes, yes, you’re right – I am.

I’d started the Couch to 5k two weeks before applying having never ran in my life and was jogging intervals of two minutes when the husband and I decided to apply. ‘Why not?’ I said, ‘we’ll have six months to train and I’ll be comfortably running 10k’s by the time we find out if we’re in’.

Pahaha how I laugh now.

After applying, I thought about my chances – they weren’t great, I mean half of the country would be applying for 20,000 places – there’s just no way I’d get a place the first time I applied. I resigned myself to the quite probable fact that I wouldn’t be running The London Marathon 2018.

As October approached, the reality hit home that I might actually get a place – I mean I can now run 10k as planned but nowhere near with the pace and ease I’d thought – even with running two to three times per week for the last five months , I still sound like an octagenarian dog with asthma when I run and I have all the grace of a hippo with a gammy ankle – shit.

I could actually get a sodding place…

For two days this week it was at the forefront of my mind – shit. What’ve I done?

Why on earth did I think I could run a sodding Marathon? I’m a thirty five year old mother of two and I’m a good three stone over-weight!

Every time the post landed my heart raced – shit. I jumped up to see if there was an answer.

Two days this week we got no post. Nothing. Zero. I started thinking the local posties were on strike or something.

Then one of the days we got this leaflet – we don’t even sodding like cats.

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Pull-Up Nappies – An Honest Review

As soon as our daughter started showing the signs of readiness for potty training, (mainly whipping off her nappy thirty seconds after it was placed upon her person, before repeatedly saying ‘poo’) we invested in some Pull-Up Nappies.

Bobbi, like her sister before her, got the hang of it relatively early (they were both around 20 months old).

In some ways, this is a great thing. In others – not so much.

We opted to make the switch from traditional nappies as Bobbi thought it was great fun to remove her undercrackers at every possible opportunity, tugging at them until they ripped – rendering them entirely useless.

This was very frustrating – as the alligator death roll usually performed during the nappy donning process made things considerably more difficult – going through the ordeal of it, only to see the blasted thing laying disguared on the floor two minutes later was really starting to boil my urine.

So there you have it – we switched.

Straight away life was easier – I could slip the Pull-Up Nappies on her as she was running away from me and she could pull them up-down-up-down as she pleased.

The downside to Pull-Up Nappies, is that finding a size to fit is nigh on impossible. If they’re snug they won’t survive the riggorous and constant yo-yoing, and if they’re loose they’ll fall down every two minutes.

If you’re out for any length of time and your little cherub wees in them – they will become heavy and fall down.


It’s a pain not being able to pop one on without having to fart about with trousers/leggings/tights – putting on a pair of Pull-Ups does become a naked from the waist down affair which is more time consuming.

They make it really easy for your little poppet to copy the dog…this is not a good thing…

Pull-Up Nappies

And finaly – I’m fairly lucky in that it’s been a good two weeks since I’ve had to deal with an in-nappy-turd – the first couple that actually did grace the Pull-Up Nappies simply flopped out and splatted on the floor.

There must be some kind of special trick that I’m just missing with this? They literally roll out and present themselves on your living room floor – leaving you (if you’re anything like me) with a wriggly, turd covered little demon who wants to break free, run away and create a dirty protest – and a dirty tramp, opportunist puppy who (if you’re not lightening fast) will dive in and eat your precious little ones latest creation faster than you can say ‘Aw shit’.

Disclaimer – I gained absolutely nothing by writing this – it’s just the fun ramblings and observations of me as a mother.

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10 Things To Consider Before Running With A Dog

If like me, you added a dog to the family with the express added intention of having a running buddy – here’s just a few things you should know before your first jog – (you’ll need to wait until your pooch is old enough – which will feel like an ETERNITY – but is very important – this varies from breed to breed so be sure to check).

Obviously choosing a breed that’s able to run without dying is important too – there are some bloody cute K9’s about – not all will suit – eg:

We put loads of thought into which breed to get as our four legged friend also needed to cope with young children – we added Fridge (never let a three year old name your pets) to the gang.

So here are my observations so far…

1. Going off too quick – your dog can run much, much faster than you – it makes pacing a nightmare but if you’re lucky you’ll get a PB every time.

2. Tripping over – If your dog is young – you WILL trip over them at some point as they will dart out in front of you when the get the faintest sniff of a squirrel.

3. Sniff – You’ll have to stop to let your dog play ‘sniff’ – after all – the run is for them too.

4. Picking up poo – At some point you will have to stop to pick up a steaming pile of dog turd – if you’ve started too quickly in an attempt to keep up with your furry friend – you might be quite glad of the break – perhaps the only time you’ll ever be happy about picking up dog poo?

5. Dragging the dog – At some point you’ll end up dragging the dog away from things they’ve sniffed for too long.

6. Being dragged by the dog – At some point your dog will drag you – probably to chase a bird.

7. Threat of rain – Possibly breed specific – Fridge is a whippet cross and Whippets HATE water – if it started raining while we were out jogging I’d have to carry him – he’s getting big, is heavy and would try to play ‘bitey facey’ all the way home.

8. You might lose them – If you accidentally let go of the lead – your dog (if anything like mine) will ditch you – this could be a competitive jape or a bid for freedom as they just don’t want to run any more (let’s face it – they can’t just tell you!) – either way – they’re off.

9. Take treats – Keep them sweet – your dog is your friend and they’re working hard too – treats also help to entice them back if you’ve let them go (if you haven’t already invested in a harness [note to self  – buy harness]).

10. Guilt – Your dog will pester you and lay the guilt on thick on your rest days – dog does not need rest days.

So there you have it – your dog will need to learn how to run on a lead – if you’re considering introducing your new best friend to running, check out – intervals are a great way to build up stamina for humans and dogs alike.

Good luck and happy tripping.

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Free Stuff UK Ideas For Any Consumer To Take Advantage Of

You can look at your free stuff UK options and figure out whether or not this is the right kind of thing for you to work with. There are many ways to get something for free or for a tiny bit of work like writing a review. Below are some ideas to help you begin.

Always see if when you are getting something for free, there is some kind of fee involved where you’re going to have to pay for shipping or handling. Sometimes if you’re about to get a free sample, for instance, they will want your payment information so they can charge you something for it in the way of a fee to get the item to you. This makes it not free and that’s why you should avoid things of this nature.



Try to look at the website of a company that you like to shop with from time to time and also look over their social media pages. This is because sometimes they may put up coupons or things like ways to get samples and it’s always of benefit to you to just check out their offerings from time to time. If you do get a new product to test out then it’s good to write reviews so they know what you thought. Generally if something is popular then they will keep making it and that is good if you enjoyed the sample.

Check for buy one get one free deals or something similar. If you’re already going to buy something for a certain price anyways, you may as well get something out of it for free. There are many times when you will enjoy something enough to where you’ll be able to buy one or two and then get something free so you don’t have to go back to the store to spend your money at a later time. Look at when the deal ends because at times you may want to take advantage of it more than you usually would if the deal is that good and going away soon.

There are many benefits to learning about free stuff UK options so you’re able to get what you need at no cost to you. It’s important that you work closely with every option you have so you’re able to better deal with each decision you have to look at. Now you’re prepared to get free stuff so give it a shot!

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Childs Farm – Review

Childs Farm is an award winning British brand that uses natural ingredients and essential oils to produce mild, kind and absolutely delicious smelling toiletries that care for the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children.

I was sent some products to review from Child’s Farm and wanted to share my thoughts with you all – These are all suitable for sensitive skin which was my main criteria because of mine and Nina’s eczema. I’ve had it since I was a child and Nina (4) has started getting a small patch on her face so I’m trying my hardest to manage it for her.

We were sent so many lovely products to try and here’s what we think of them all..


This award-winning moisturiser can be used all over the body for fresh-smelling, soft and hydrated skin. It contains grapefruit and organic tea tree oil, it works like magic on grown-ups too – I love it myself and the girls smell and feel AMAZING post slathering.

Hair and Body Wash

This fabulous smelling hair and body wash contains argan oil, which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It can be used all over body and hair to cut through grime and dirt, and to leave skin moisturised and smooth. It’s excellent for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin.

3 in 1 Swim

Their award-winning 3-in-1 swim is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Use after swimming to thoroughly clean off chlorine and come up smelling of strawberry and organic mint. Especially formulated to protect and moisturise young skin and hair. This product from Childs Farm makes it easier to pack light I’d you’re going away too – which is essential when you’re packing for four (+) people and a dog!

Baby Wipes

I love these as they’re just wet enough – some wipes I’ve tried are far too wet! These are dermatologist and paediatrician approved as being suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin – they’re even gentle enough for use on newborn skin.


Again, these are suitable for newborns and upwards. Dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. I bung these in my handbag as I always end up needing them when we’re out and about.

The girls love all of these products and they are the most important judges.

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The Closest Thing To A Universal Parenting Guide

All children are different. You know it, I know it, and every article you’ve read has stated that a million times. But that statement doesn’t help you much, does it? Whether your child is 3 or 13, you might still be having trouble coming to understand them and knowing whether you’re doing all you could be doing as a parent to bring them up properly. Kids really don’t come
with an instruction manual and that can be immensely frustrating when you’re exhausted and just wish you knew what to say or do to make them happy. Above all else, you just want the best for your child. You want to know that they’re going to
grow up to be a happy, independent, and successful person who goes on to have a happy family of their own. That’s all you feel you can control. The important thing to remember, of
course, is that your child is an individual who’s in control of their own feelings and their own
future. You can’t control the path they take; you can only offer guidance. And if you want to
know what sort of steps you can take to be the guardian your child needs then this self-proclaiming “universal” parenting guide might just help.


One of the most common problems children deal with whilst they’re young (and sometimes up until their teenage years) is bedwetting. It can stem from bad dreams or other problems but, no matter how much you tell them that it’s a common thing that children deal with, they’re still going to feel embarrassed about the whole thing. Of course, if bedwetting
stretches further to problems with holding their bladder during the day then you might want to check out sites such as for washable incontinence pants. It can help with your child’s self-esteem if they have some sort of way of hiding the issue until it
sorts itself out. Many children go through a bedwetting stage in their life and all you can do as their parent is provide them with a way to avoid embarrassment and keep going as confidently as possible.

Emotional​ ​development.

Another way in which you can guide your child as a parent is to help with their emotional
development. Believe it or not, the way in which your child’s mind develops is also a product of nurture as well as nature. You can play a big role in ensuring that your kid develops a view of the world that is kind and caring. As we’ve discussed before, you need to promote the idea of being caring to others as much as possible to your child. Lead by example and show them what it means to be empathic and understanding of other people. These are all social skills that your child will need to develop in order to make friends but also connect well in more formal situations in adult life.

Laugh​ ​more.

Finally, the best way to raise a happy child is to be happy yourself. Learn to laugh as much as possible with your little one because that’s really all there is to being loving and nurturing. Happiness doesn’t have to be some complex formula; sometimes, it can be as simple as
spending the day with your little one and making some great memories that they’ll remember
forever (as will you).

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