10 Things To Consider Before Running With A Dog

If like me, you added a dog to the family with the express added intention of having a running buddy – here’s just a few things you should know before your first jog – (you’ll need to wait until your pooch is old enough – which will feel like an ETERNITY – but is very important – this varies from breed to breed so be sure to check).

Obviously choosing a breed that’s able to run without dying is important too – there are some bloody cute K9’s about – not all will suit – eg:

We put loads of thought into which breed to get as our four legged friend also needed to cope with young children – we added Fridge (never let a three year old name your pets) to the gang.

So here are my observations so far…

1. Going off too quick – your dog can run much, much faster than you – it makes pacing a nightmare but if you’re lucky you’ll get a PB every time.

2. Tripping over – If your dog is young – you WILL trip over them at some point as they will dart out in front of you when the get the faintest sniff of a squirrel.

3. Sniff – You’ll have to stop to let your dog play ‘sniff’ – after all – the run is for them too.

4. Picking up poo – At some point you will have to stop to pick up a steaming pile of dog turd – if you’ve started too quickly in an attempt to keep up with your furry friend – you might be quite glad of the break – perhaps the only time you’ll ever be happy about picking up dog poo?

5. Dragging the dog – At some point you’ll end up dragging the dog away from things they’ve sniffed for too long.

6. Being dragged by the dog – At some point your dog will drag you – probably to chase a bird.

7. Threat of rain – Possibly breed specific – Fridge is a whippet cross and Whippets HATE water – if it started raining while we were out jogging I’d have to carry him – he’s getting big, is heavy and would try to play ‘bitey facey’ all the way home.

8. You might lose them – If you accidentally let go of the lead – your dog (if anything like mine) will ditch you – this could be a competitive jape or a bid for freedom as they just don’t want to run any more (let’s face it – they can’t just tell you!) – either way – they’re off.

9. Take treats – Keep them sweet – your dog is your friend and they’re working hard too – treats also help to entice them back if you’ve let them go (if you haven’t already invested in a harness [note to self  – buy harness]).

10. Guilt – Your dog will pester you and lay the guilt on thick on your rest days – dog does not need rest days.

So there you have it – your dog will need to learn how to run on a lead – if you’re considering introducing your new best friend to running, check out – intervals are a great way to build up stamina for humans and dogs alike.

Good luck and happy tripping.

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