About me:

My name is Donna Mills, I live in Corby, Northamptonshire with my husband Dan and our two daughters Nina (4) and Bobbi (1).

We also have two immortal cats – they’ve lived with us for about ten years now and are still just as quick as ever to dart in our way, showcasing their trip hazzard skills.

We recently had a mild mental episode, adding a puppy to our family – he’s a whippet cross – loves to chew all the things, steals food and is faster than a greased turd. The children have lovingly named him Fridge.

For the last seven years I have worked as a recruitment consultant specialising in industrial positions – initially temporaries – moving on to permanent positions once I dropped to part time hours after having Nina.

I enjoy singing and acting, having appeared on the local stage on many occasions to warble a tune or two.

I started blogging in 2016 as a form of therapy. Family life can be really full on and friends and family can be too polite to tell you to shut up!

Contact me at thesleepthiefsmummy@gmail.com

My tired, haggered face.