My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 2

Today was good – I feel like I coped better than yesterday and am pleased to report that I wasn’t starving when I woke up, so that was a surprise. The only time I felt really hungry during the day was while I was preparing dinner – I.was.starving – but managed not to sneak anything I didn’t need.

Breakfast – I tried the Porridge Paradise, usually I love porridge, but this was far too sweet for me (probably how everyone else likes it – I’m more of a savoury girl in the mornings).

Shake That Weight – porridge for breakfast

I tried two small spoonfuls but couldn’t eat it, so I had a large banana instead and was comfortable until 12:00.

Lunch – Sweet and Sour Chicken – this is probably the first ready meal I’ve ever eaten and while it can’t compete with home cooking, I was once again pleasantly surprised! My only negative comment is that the serving suggestion was to add 150g of bok choy – which I think is just plain cruel when the packaging clearly shows it on a large bed of rice – so I had rice, but half the amount I’d usually have and it was plenty. I really enjoyed it – every last, non bok choy grain of it.

Shake That Weight – sweet and sour chicken for lunch

Afternoon – Milk Choc Joy – I loved both the texture and the taste – Shake That Weight have done well, it really satisfied my sweet tooth but wasn’t massively over powering. Gorgeous.

Shake That Weight – snack – milk choc bar

Dinner – Crunchy Garlic Chicken – this was so good that once again I forgot to take a photo so I’ve popped a screen shot from the site I found the recipe on – was over in calories but not by masses and still left a big deficit from what I’d usually have during the course of a day.

I was peckish at around 8:30pm so snacked on a handful of grapes and a big slice of honeydew melon – beautiful.

I’ve also drank FIVE pints of water today and wee’d appoximately 1,000,000 times – which is really convenient, but I’m feeling good so far.

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My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 3

So I know that absolutely none of you are completely bored to tears with me banging on about my diet – but I’ll track my progress here anyway as I’m expecting big things from this – I need decent results as I have precisely zero will power when left to my own devices – so posting here and sharing with you lovely lot keeps me accountable. Here’s what has passed my lips today…

Breakfast – Chocolate Heaven Shake – I really like these and could have one every day – so tasty and just enough to keep me going for most of the morning.

Shake That weight – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Mid Morning – Salt and Vinegar Crisps. These really hit the spot and kept me on track – great strong flavour and really crunchy.

Shake That Weight – Salt and vinegar crisps

Lunch – Cheeky Chicken Curry Flavoured Noodles – these were OK – Not the nicest thing I’ve tried so far but texture was good and it had plenty of flavour – I found it really filling too which is great.

Shake That Weight– cheeky chicken curry flavoured noodles

Dinner – Home Made Bolognaise – the kids we’e annoyed that I’d ran out of spaghetti #mumfail, but this was lovely – I know I went over on calories with this but it was so good and I will not snack later!

Shake That Weight dinner

I struggled more with drinking water today than yesterday, only managing three pints but still better than usual.

Not bad at all – I’d be lying if I said the beers in the fridge weren’t whispering ‘drink us….drink us…’ – but other than that, I don’t miss anything – although I’ve been cheekily snacking on fruit as I love the stuff- hopefully it won’t do too much damage!

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My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 4

Last night I went to bed hungry, stomach rumbling, slightly uncomfortable hungry – it’s probably not far off how we should feel going to bed – but it’s been a while since I’ve felt like that. This would have been fine if the two year old had decided to sleep, but there were intermittent wake ups all night – which is great – helped loads. This morning I feel like I’m starting to notice a difference – my dream target of a stone is probably not achievable, but I tink I can shake half a stone during the course of this two weeks. Here’s how I got on today…

Breakfast – Porridge – not a Shake That Weight one though, I tried theirs the other day and it was too sweet so I had to chose a supermarket alternative – the one I had was mixed with milk and although that’s not part of the plan I do worry with eating no cheese in the evenings (boo) and not really having milk in my diet (this is normal for me as I drink black coffee), a little calcium top up can’t hurt too much.Shake That weight – breakfast – porridge

Lunch – Creamy Chicken Soup – This was OK – sort of like a cuppa soup – the taste was good but it needed texture, not bad and I’ll have it again.

Shake That Weight- lunch – chicken soup

Afternoon – Maple and Almond Bliss bar – I took the girls to the farm for a bit and this stopped me from being tempted by the cake there – it was lovely.

Shake That Weight – snack

Dinner – Cracked Black Pepper and Beef Sausages, mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy – yummers.

Shake That Weight– dinner – sausage and mash

Evening Snack – Crudites – I know I shouldn’t be having this, but I have a two year old who doesn’t sleep through the night and could be eating much, much worse right?

Shake That Weight– snack – croudites

I’m so pleasantly surprised at how little the struggle is with this, the only thing I’m finding really challenging is remembering to drink enough water! Onwards to tomorrow!

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My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 5

Yesterday I struggled – it was mental getting the girls ready to drop off in two separate places on opposite ends of town, before settling down to work, doing house work and running errands.

Breakfast – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Shake That weight – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Lovely as ever but I felt I needed more this morning – powered through though.

Lunch – Blazing Chilli Beef

Day 1 – Chilli Beef Noodles

This was so welcome – it was cold again today and this warmed me up as well as being surprisingly filling – I’m finding as the days go on that this good is doing more for me each time.

Dinner – Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Shake That Weight – dinner – curry

Ok, Ok- I know my dinners are over 400 calories – but my portions are way smaller than usual so that has to be making a difference right? I was so ready for this!

Illegal Wine

Shake That Weight– fail – illegal wine

Massive confession – I really, really enjoyed every- single – last – teeny- tiny – swig of this – totally illegal but I’d usually have a bottle on a Friday night – this wasn’t planned but I am weak – don’t look at me – DON’T LOOK AT ME!

Evening Snack – Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar

Shake That Weight– snack – dreamy dark chocolate

These are so good! I actually enjoy the texture more than chocolate and they don’t make me feel queesie after eating them!

I wanted to weigh in this morning as we’re booked in at Zizzi’s for lunch – naughty I know, but I’m hoping I’ve been good enough this week to have at least a couple of pounds off – turns out I can’t weigh in today as we’ve been using the WII (remember them?) and Bobbi has been feeding it pennies – I’ll weigh in tomorrow.

Any kind of diet is always going to be harder over the weekend- I’m allowing myself a couple of little treats, but am sticking to this as much as I can without affecting my family – when the four year old asks to go for pizza at a restaurant- you go for pizza at a restaurant – I am Mother to two young girls and I don’t want them having the same body image issues as me.

Everything in moderation folks x

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My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 6

I’m not going to lie – today was a bit of a failure – we took the girls to Zizzi’s for lunch- as I mentioned yesterday, this was a planned betrayal I’m afraid.

I knew it was bad, so I resolved to behave myself for the rest of the day.

Breakfast – Supermark branded porridge – this just about did the job until we went put for lunch – because I was really, really looking forward to going out for lunch!

Shake That weight – breakfast – porridge

Lunch – Zizzi’s Pinoli – this.was.amazing – Goat’s cheese, mozzarella, caramalised balsamic onions, sunblush tomatoes, pine nuts, riserva cheese & basil. I’m frigging amazed that it’s only 783 calories! – I’m meant to be sticking to 800 (which I haven’t been – or I’m sure I’d be dead by now – so I’ve been trying to keep below 1200) – obviously I haven’t today, bit I chose this as it was reasonable and looked so good! I didn’t eat all of it – so that’s something.

Shake That Weight – lunch – Zizzi’s pinoli

Dessert – Yep – I went there – An Americano with florentines. We don’t eat out often so I decided to enjoy myself – I could have had a slab of cake #restrainedmyself.

Shake That Weight– lunch – dessert – Americano- florentines

Dinner – I had a small plate of left over curry from yesterday, but didn’t take a picture – If I hadn’t had it I’d’ve gone into full on Hoover mode later, so technically it was damage limitation.

Gin – this was not part of my plan – there are no pictures – and I had about five – I think. I’ve probably absolutely ruined my chances of getting a decent result as I’m weighing in tomorrow but I enjoyed them all. If I’d had wine it would have been much, much worse.

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