Why The School You Choose Is So Important

If your child is going from primary school to secondary school in September, then you’ll
probably be going through the sorting process at the minute. In your catchment area, there will probably be a few school that you are able to choose from, but not all of them will be the best for your child. If you have options, you really should consider where they’re going to flourish the most, rather than the one that’s right around the corner. As parents, we sometimes underestimate the value of education, because it just wasn’t as important to us with our futures. But now, everything pretty much relies on the education they’re going to get, so we want to point out a few reasons why the school that you choose is so important. Have a read on to find out more.


The Opportunities They’ll Have

School will bring so many opportunities, no matter which one you go to. From school
trips, to school clubs, to prestige events that many people wouldn’t dream of being able
to go to. It really is a great place for opportunity, but there are some schools out there that don’t put on as much of a display with their opportunities. You want to choose a school that has everything from art trips to skiing trips. The more they do at school, the
better of they’re going to be in the long run in terms of their own future. We know that a
lot of the school trips cost, but you shouldn’t be holding them back from the ones that
they want to go on. Not only does it enrich their minds, it also helps bring together solid friendship groups, and more excitement to school life. It’s not always so much fun going to school, sitting in a classroom, and doing the same again the next day.

The Standard Of Education

The standard of education is something you really need to be watching out for. In the
UK, it’s OFSTED that gives schools the official rating. However, it’s not when they’re
being watched that you want to know about, it’s what happens behind closed doors. You
can generally find out through word of mouth, and some will do better than others. For example, Leicester High in good school’s guide has a great record of teaching, whereas others in Leicester have a poor record of being able to keep a class under control. Whilst it might not be your child causing the disruption, it’ll still be a disruption to their learning that will be out of their control.

The Future They’ll Have

The school they go to really will influence their future. Some children don’t have the
best start in life, purely because their school hasn’t helped them. You want one that’s
going to push for further education, and push for better opportunities whilst they’re at school. The more they learn, and the more they take part in whilst at school, the better
off their future is going to be anyway!

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