I’m A Virgin Money London Marathon Reject

Around six months ago I entered the Virgin Money London Marathon Ballot. It was easy to do but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been quaking in my running shoes since – you see, when I applied I couldn’t even run a kilometer.

What’s the you say? ‘You’re a dreamer and a mentalist?’ – yes, yes, you’re right – I am.

I’d started the Couch to 5k two weeks before applying having never ran in my life and was jogging intervals of two minutes when the husband and I decided to apply. ‘Why not?’ I said, ‘we’ll have six months to train and I’ll be comfortably running 10k’s by the time we find out if we’re in’.

Pahaha how I laugh now.

After applying, I thought about my chances – they weren’t great, I mean half of the country would be applying for 20,000 places – there’s just no way I’d get a place the first time I applied. I resigned myself to the quite probable fact that I wouldn’t be running The London Marathon 2018.

As October approached, the reality hit home that I might actually get a place – I mean I can now run 10k as planned but nowhere near with the pace and ease I’d thought – even with running two to three times per week for the last five months , I still sound like an octagenarian dog with asthma when I run and I have all the grace of a hippo with a gammy ankle – shit.

I could actually get a sodding place…

For two days this week it was at the forefront of my mind – shit. What’ve I done?

Why on earth did I think I could run a sodding Marathon? I’m a thirty five year old mother of two and I’m a good three stone over-weight!

Every time the post landed my heart raced – shit. I jumped up to see if there was an answer.

Two days this week we got no post. Nothing. Zero. I started thinking the local posties were on strike or something.

Then one of the days we got this leaflet – we don’t even sodding like cats.

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10 Things To Consider Before Running With A Dog

If like me, you added a dog to the family with the express added intention of having a running buddy – here’s just a few things you should know before your first jog – (you’ll need to wait until your pooch is old enough – which will feel like an ETERNITY – but is very important – this varies from breed to breed so be sure to check).

Obviously choosing a breed that’s able to run without dying is important too – there are some bloody cute K9’s about – not all will suit – eg:

We put loads of thought into which breed to get as our four legged friend also needed to cope with young children – we added Fridge (never let a three year old name your pets) to the gang.

So here are my observations so far…

1. Going off too quick – your dog can run much, much faster than you – it makes pacing a nightmare but if you’re lucky you’ll get a PB every time.

2. Tripping over – If your dog is young – you WILL trip over them at some point as they will dart out in front of you when the get the faintest sniff of a squirrel.

3. Sniff – You’ll have to stop to let your dog play ‘sniff’ – after all – the run is for them too.

4. Picking up poo – At some point you will have to stop to pick up a steaming pile of dog turd – if you’ve started too quickly in an attempt to keep up with your furry friend – you might be quite glad of the break – perhaps the only time you’ll ever be happy about picking up dog poo?

5. Dragging the dog – At some point you’ll end up dragging the dog away from things they’ve sniffed for too long.

6. Being dragged by the dog – At some point your dog will drag you – probably to chase a bird.

7. Threat of rain – Possibly breed specific – Fridge is a whippet cross and Whippets HATE water – if it started raining while we were out jogging I’d have to carry him – he’s getting big, is heavy and would try to play ‘bitey facey’ all the way home.

8. You might lose them – If you accidentally let go of the lead – your dog (if anything like mine) will ditch you – this could be a competitive jape or a bid for freedom as they just don’t want to run any more (let’s face it – they can’t just tell you!) – either way – they’re off.

9. Take treats – Keep them sweet – your dog is your friend and they’re working hard too – treats also help to entice them back if you’ve let them go (if you haven’t already invested in a harness [note to self  – buy harness]).

10. Guilt – Your dog will pester you and lay the guilt on thick on your rest days – dog does not need rest days.

So there you have it – your dog will need to learn how to run on a lead – if you’re considering introducing your new best friend to running, check out – intervals are a great way to build up stamina for humans and dogs alike.

Good luck and happy tripping.

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Summer Is On It’s Way – Time To Buy A Bike…

Finally the warmer weather is on it’s way, the wellies and winter coats are in the back of the cupboard and the spring macs and denim jackets are making their first hopeful apprearances!

It’ time to consider making preparations for your long awaited sunny afternoons to come on the not too distant future – here are a few things to consider…


One of the best ways to get out and enjoy the sunshine, take in some fresh air and get some exercise while having great fun, is to get out on a bike – you can take them anywhere and travel as far as you like, go with as many people as you like and catch up with chit-chat along the way. Check out these deals on cheap bikes – great prices on bikes for him, for her and even the kids – you could get kitted out with your cycling helmets and a bike lock while you’re at it – and there’s a sale on right now – check out the bike racks too – this will give you loads more options if there’s a country park, reservoir, nature reserve local to you, you could sling the bikes on the back if the car and take your pic of destination.


There are a few options here but it’s an essential item for visits to the park with the kids (they always need a snack).

You could go for the super cute, vintage wicker basket, or a more practical backpack style – a better option if the kids are younger and want carried everywhere. These have cups, plates and cutlery all tidied away in their own little compartment – so all you need to do is pop some food and drinks in and you’re ready to go.


The weather we’ve had over the last few months has done the grass no favours so pick up some weed and feed, then have a look at treating yourself to some new garden furniture and maybe some garden storage – and brighten the place up with some plants.


The summer is just around the corner and you’re probably planning your summer holiday – if you want to shift a few pounds do it sensibly and be kind to yourself.


Treat your feet! Buy some beautiful, bright sandals, get a few pairs and get a pedicure!

Bike for summer

Away you go and enjoy your summer – Don’t forget your shades and suncream!

*This is a collaborative post*

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