My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 2

Today was good – I feel like I coped better than yesterday and am pleased to report that I wasn’t starving when I woke up, so that was a surprise. The only time I felt really hungry during the day was while I was preparing dinner – I.was.starving – but managed not to sneak anything I didn’t need.

Breakfast – I tried the Porridge Paradise, usually I love porridge, but this was far too sweet for me (probably how everyone else likes it – I’m more of a savoury girl in the mornings).

Shake That Weight – porridge for breakfast

I tried two small spoonfuls but couldn’t eat it, so I had a large banana instead and was comfortable until 12:00.

Lunch – Sweet and Sour Chicken – this is probably the first ready meal I’ve ever eaten and while it can’t compete with home cooking, I was once again pleasantly surprised! My only negative comment is that the serving suggestion was to add 150g of bok choy – which I think is just plain cruel when the packaging clearly shows it on a large bed of rice – so I had rice, but half the amount I’d usually have and it was plenty. I really enjoyed it – every last, non bok choy grain of it.

Shake That Weight – sweet and sour chicken for lunch

Afternoon – Milk Choc Joy – I loved both the texture and the taste – Shake That Weight have done well, it really satisfied my sweet tooth but wasn’t massively over powering. Gorgeous.

Shake That Weight – snack – milk choc bar

Dinner – Crunchy Garlic Chicken – this was so good that once again I forgot to take a photo so I’ve popped a screen shot from the site I found the recipe on – was over in calories but not by masses and still left a big deficit from what I’d usually have during the course of a day.

I was peckish at around 8:30pm so snacked on a handful of grapes and a big slice of honeydew melon – beautiful.

I’ve also drank FIVE pints of water today and wee’d appoximately 1,000,000 times – which is really convenient, but I’m feeling good so far.

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