My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 3

So I know that absolutely none of you are completely bored to tears with me banging on about my diet – but I’ll track my progress here anyway as I’m expecting big things from this – I need decent results as I have precisely zero will power when left to my own devices – so posting here and sharing with you lovely lot keeps me accountable. Here’s what has passed my lips today…

Breakfast – Chocolate Heaven Shake – I really like these and could have one every day – so tasty and just enough to keep me going for most of the morning.

Shake That weight – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Mid Morning – Salt and Vinegar Crisps. These really hit the spot and kept me on track – great strong flavour and really crunchy.

Shake That Weight – Salt and vinegar crisps

Lunch – Cheeky Chicken Curry Flavoured Noodles – these were OK – Not the nicest thing I’ve tried so far but texture was good and it had plenty of flavour – I found it really filling too which is great.

Shake That Weight– cheeky chicken curry flavoured noodles

Dinner – Home Made Bolognaise – the kids we’e annoyed that I’d ran out of spaghetti #mumfail, but this was lovely – I know I went over on calories with this but it was so good and I will not snack later!

Shake That Weight dinner

I struggled more with drinking water today than yesterday, only managing three pints but still better than usual.

Not bad at all – I’d be lying if I said the beers in the fridge weren’t whispering ‘drink us….drink us…’ – but other than that, I don’t miss anything – although I’ve been cheekily snacking on fruit as I love the stuff- hopefully it won’t do too much damage!

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