My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 4

Last night I went to bed hungry, stomach rumbling, slightly uncomfortable hungry – it’s probably not far off how we should feel going to bed – but it’s been a while since I’ve felt like that. This would have been fine if the two year old had decided to sleep, but there were intermittent wake ups all night – which is great – helped loads. This morning I feel like I’m starting to notice a difference – my dream target of a stone is probably not achievable, but I tink I can shake half a stone during the course of this two weeks. Here’s how I got on today…

Breakfast – Porridge – not a Shake That Weight one though, I tried theirs the other day and it was too sweet so I had to chose a supermarket alternative – the one I had was mixed with milk and although that’s not part of the plan I do worry with eating no cheese in the evenings (boo) and not really having milk in my diet (this is normal for me as I drink black coffee), a little calcium top up can’t hurt too much.Shake That weight – breakfast – porridge

Lunch – Creamy Chicken Soup – This was OK – sort of like a cuppa soup – the taste was good but it needed texture, not bad and I’ll have it again.

Shake That Weight- lunch – chicken soup

Afternoon – Maple and Almond Bliss bar – I took the girls to the farm for a bit and this stopped me from being tempted by the cake there – it was lovely.

Shake That Weight – snack

Dinner – Cracked Black Pepper and Beef Sausages, mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy – yummers.

Shake That Weight– dinner – sausage and mash

Evening Snack – Crudites – I know I shouldn’t be having this, but I have a two year old who doesn’t sleep through the night and could be eating much, much worse right?

Shake That Weight– snack – croudites

I’m so pleasantly surprised at how little the struggle is with this, the only thing I’m finding really challenging is remembering to drink enough water! Onwards to tomorrow!

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