My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 5

Yesterday I struggled – it was mental getting the girls ready to drop off in two separate places on opposite ends of town, before settling down to work, doing house work and running errands.

Breakfast – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Shake That weight – Chocolate Heaven Shake

Lovely as ever but I felt I needed more this morning – powered through though.

Lunch – Blazing Chilli Beef

Day 1 – Chilli Beef Noodles

This was so welcome – it was cold again today and this warmed me up as well as being surprisingly filling – I’m finding as the days go on that this good is doing more for me each time.

Dinner – Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Shake That Weight – dinner – curry

Ok, Ok- I know my dinners are over 400 calories – but my portions are way smaller than usual so that has to be making a difference right? I was so ready for this!

Illegal Wine

Shake That Weight– fail – illegal wine

Massive confession – I really, really enjoyed every- single – last – teeny- tiny – swig of this – totally illegal but I’d usually have a bottle on a Friday night – this wasn’t planned but I am weak – don’t look at me – DON’T LOOK AT ME!

Evening Snack – Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar

Shake That Weight– snack – dreamy dark chocolate

These are so good! I actually enjoy the texture more than chocolate and they don’t make me feel queesie after eating them!

I wanted to weigh in this morning as we’re booked in at Zizzi’s for lunch – naughty I know, but I’m hoping I’ve been good enough this week to have at least a couple of pounds off – turns out I can’t weigh in today as we’ve been using the WII (remember them?) and Bobbi has been feeding it pennies – I’ll weigh in tomorrow.

Any kind of diet is always going to be harder over the weekend- I’m allowing myself a couple of little treats, but am sticking to this as much as I can without affecting my family – when the four year old asks to go for pizza at a restaurant- you go for pizza at a restaurant – I am Mother to two young girls and I don’t want them having the same body image issues as me.

Everything in moderation folks x

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