My Shake That Weight Experience – Day 6

I’m not going to lie – today was a bit of a failure – we took the girls to Zizzi’s for lunch- as I mentioned yesterday, this was a planned betrayal I’m afraid.

I knew it was bad, so I resolved to behave myself for the rest of the day.

Breakfast – Supermark branded porridge – this just about did the job until we went put for lunch – because I was really, really looking forward to going out for lunch!

Shake That weight – breakfast – porridge

Lunch – Zizzi’s Pinoli – this.was.amazing – Goat’s cheese, mozzarella, caramalised balsamic onions, sunblush tomatoes, pine nuts, riserva cheese & basil. I’m frigging amazed that it’s only 783 calories! – I’m meant to be sticking to 800 (which I haven’t been – or I’m sure I’d be dead by now – so I’ve been trying to keep below 1200) – obviously I haven’t today, bit I chose this as it was reasonable and looked so good! I didn’t eat all of it – so that’s something.

Shake That Weight – lunch – Zizzi’s pinoli

Dessert – Yep – I went there – An Americano with florentines. We don’t eat out often so I decided to enjoy myself – I could have had a slab of cake #restrainedmyself.

Shake That Weight– lunch – dessert – Americano- florentines

Dinner – I had a small plate of left over curry from yesterday, but didn’t take a picture – If I hadn’t had it I’d’ve gone into full on Hoover mode later, so technically it was damage limitation.

Gin – this was not part of my plan – there are no pictures – and I had about five – I think. I’ve probably absolutely ruined my chances of getting a decent result as I’m weighing in tomorrow but I enjoyed them all. If I’d had wine it would have been much, much worse.

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