Pull-Up Nappies – An Honest Review

As soon as our daughter started showing the signs of readiness for potty training, (mainly whipping off her nappy thirty seconds after it was placed upon her person, before repeatedly saying ‘poo’) we invested in some Pull-Up Nappies.

Bobbi, like her sister before her, got the hang of it relatively early (they were both around 20 months old).

In some ways, this is a great thing. In others – not so much.

We opted to make the switch from traditional nappies as Bobbi thought it was great fun to remove her undercrackers at every possible opportunity, tugging at them until they ripped – rendering them entirely useless.

This was very frustrating – as the alligator death roll usually performed during the nappy donning process made things considerably more difficult – going through the ordeal of it, only to see the blasted thing laying disguared on the floor two minutes later was really starting to boil my urine.

So there you have it – we switched.

Straight away life was easier – I could slip the Pull-Up Nappies on her as she was running away from me and she could pull them up-down-up-down as she pleased.

The downside to Pull-Up Nappies, is that finding a size to fit is nigh on impossible. If they’re snug they won’t survive the riggorous and constant yo-yoing, and if they’re loose they’ll fall down every two minutes.

If you’re out for any length of time and your little cherub wees in them – they will become heavy and fall down.


It’s a pain not being able to pop one on without having to fart about with trousers/leggings/tights – putting on a pair of Pull-Ups does become a naked from the waist down affair which is more time consuming.

They make it really easy for your little poppet to copy the dog…this is not a good thing…

Pull-Up Nappies

And finaly – I’m fairly lucky in that it’s been a good two weeks since I’ve had to deal with an in-nappy-turd – the first couple that actually did grace the Pull-Up Nappies simply flopped out and splatted on the floor.

There must be some kind of special trick that I’m just missing with this? They literally roll out and present themselves on your living room floor – leaving you (if you’re anything like me) with a wriggly, turd covered little demon who wants to break free, run away and create a dirty protest – and a dirty tramp, opportunist puppy who (if you’re not lightening fast) will dive in and eat your precious little ones latest creation faster than you can say ‘Aw shit’.

Disclaimer – I gained absolutely nothing by writing this – it’s just the fun ramblings and observations of me as a mother.

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