Shaving Subscription Boxes

With the pandemic of COVID-19 looming over our heads it’s practically impossible, not to mention stupid, to go out of our houses. This has led most of us to take our grooming into our own hands.

Due to the subscription boxes available the problem is nearly solved. We now don’t need to spend a fortune on supplies or get ourselves and others in danger by going to the barber.

So, let’s discuss some of the best Shaving Subscription boxes for men:



It won’t be a giant leap if I said it today that Corner Stone is considered as the ultimate shaving subscription box for men. With over 250k collective subscriptions over the UK it has secured and earned its spot as #1 in UK.

You can choose a one-time or subscription plan and you also get to choose what items would you like to have in your package. You will receive the items you ordered at your door.

Cornerstone gives all its new customers a free personalized razor handle with your initials on it. The products are of the highest quality and make shaving effortless. Above all they are all produced in UK.

While you are deciding on what to order in your box you might also want to check out some others available items like:

  • Shave Cream and Gel
  • Hair care products
  • Body and Face care essentials
  • Sexual Health products
  • Toothbrush and oral care products

Cornerstone is a full package for men. You won’t have a better option.


Personal Barber

If for some reason you weren’t appealed by cornerstone or it just isn’t to your liking you might want to check out this one called Personal Barber. Personal Barber is much more versatile as it brings its products from all around the world rather than just the UK.

The personal Barber has made a name for its single blade safety razors. These razors are perfect for beginners and experts. The razors cause no irritation. You will also be given instructions on how to shave.


Other Great Monthly Shaving Subscription:

Here are a few other shaving top subscription boxes are definitely worth a shoutout.


Dollar Shave Club: One of the best options around here in terms of price and cost. You can also get discounts at the start by using coupon codes.


Harry’s: Harry’s is a well-known brand for its German engineered razors alongside its impressive product of face and skin care. This is quite a lot more affordable.


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