Some Easy Ways to Make Money Buying Unclaimed Luggage

It sounds much strange but a reality that you can make some cash from the lost luggage. On the daily bases hundreds of thousands of the suitcases got lost from the people all over the world. These suitcases actually don’t go to the black hole or don’t disappear from this world, in fact these lost luggage make a perfect chance for you to make some cash for yourself.

The luggage that can never find their owner again usually end up somewhere. There are many type of auction houses that sells the lost or unclaimed luggage to the people at a cheaper rate. In America, the center for these type of unclaimed luggage is in Alabama. It receives almost 800,000 visitors on the annual base and it is actually one of the biggest state of tourist attraction. If you find it very difficult to reach that specific and exceptional state then don’t worry because the British version of lost or unclaimed luggage auction is the other important place to pick up your favorite stuff on very cheaper rates and you can also sell it when you find some profit in it.

Following are the steps which can help you a lot in finding the lost or unclaimed luggage:

Step One Is To Reach Auction House:

When there is a surplus of unclaimed luggage in British Airways storage, it sells cases at auction (of course, BA – and all airlines – do their utmost to reconcile with their owner before attempting to sell stray luggage.)

All those who want to make a bargain to see the lost luggage lucky have to go to the auction house, and bid for the cases that go under the hammer.

If you’re lucky, you can take items worth hundreds or thousands of pounds for very little – most suitcases sell for £ 10 to £ 75. Enthusiasts among you can sell more products than you paid for, thus making an elegant profit.

Sometimes, auction houses open suitcases and separate items. At other times, there may be a general description of what is inside – for example “men’s clothing”.

There are plenty of deals to grab, and it can be fun – many describe it as a treasure hunt.

Where to look?

London’s lost luggage hotspot is Crispy in Tooting, southwest London. British Airways (one of the largest losers in the world) sells its lost luggage. Crisp’s also handles lost luggage from Heathrow Airport.

The auction takes place every Tuesday. The most recent Monday viewing took place from 11 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. Views give you the opportunity to see which bags you want to buy.

The other important places from where you can easily find your luggage at a cheaper rate are:

1-BCVA Commercial Auctions

2-Wellers of Guildford.

3-Mulberry Bank Auctions

Since most of the above auction houses do not allocate airport auctions you can check with their website the next scheduled date for delivery of luggage. You need to sign up for their mailing lists, let them know when they are going to happen, or follow private homes on social media.

Step Two Is To Evaluate:

After looking at the auction collection, go home and think about the prices of individual items to see how much profit you can make in a particular endeavor. It is difficult to say whether the cases are sold closed, but the case is more likely to contain valuable items.

A great way to get an idea of ​​how much the cases will sell for themselves is to look for similar items already listed on eBay. You can also see the recommended retail price of the cases by looking online.

Once you know how valuable the case is, you can set your bidding limit. The only gamble is how much of a case you are willing to bid on. If there are a lot of other things in the case, it may be out of your control. Of course, it can be full of junk.

If you find an auction house that allows you to see the cases before bidding, you have a better chance of negotiating a deal. If the auction house gives you an explanation of what is inside the case, even if it is brief.

Step Three Is To Find Worth Items Or Cases:

There are two options for bidding. Auctioneers have the opportunity to first take the most valuable items from the suitcases and sell them separately. This may include electronics, shoes and jewelry. You can auction these off and sell them later.

Alternatively, you can bid on suitcases and trust that some of them contain nice clothes, shoes, books, etc. This is a lottery bit. Auctioneers only give clear details of what is in each suitcase, so you never know what you are buying.

Auctioneers tell you whether the clothes are clean or not. Whether or not you are happy with someone else’s bad knickers is yours. Of course you can also sell suitcases and make some money out of it.

Step Four Is To Make a Bargain And Sell It On:

Once you have successfully bid for the unclaimed goods, take them home and start your online sales to make money. Take some photos, write some good advertising copy, then post it on eBay and wait until the auction starts.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Actually all the lost and unclaimed items are sell by the auctions on a very cheaper rate. A snow 500 snowboard recently sold for £ 75, for example. Suitcases can sell for 5 to 50. Even if the case is just full of clothes, you can sell all of the items stored in the case for almost the double price. Mean if you got a certain case of 10 dollars then you can sell it at the price of 20 dollars with ease. So don’t wait and always look out for all the options to get your choice at a very cheaper rate.


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